West Bend 84905 5-Quart Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker Review

West Bend 84905 5-Quart Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker
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This is the best small appliance I have ever had. I have had it 20 years or so. I cook everything in it: pot roasts, pork roasts, stew, pulled pork, beans, etc. I have purchased about 8 of them over the years for wedding gifts, college graduation gifts, Xmas, etc.

There are two main reasons I love this so much. One is the versitility of the heat control. I hate crockpots because all you get is low and high! Give me a break, who cooks like that?? These have settings from 1-5, almost as many as a stove burner. I can brown my stew or roast on 5 then turn it down to 3 or halfway between 3 & 4 or 4 depending on how long I want to be away from the house or want it to cook. The base doubles as a griddle by itself. Takes up very little counter and storage space. The pot goes into the oven or on the stove if you need or want it to. The pot and lid go into the dishwasher, although I ususally just give a quick wash with hot soapy water and wipe off the base. The other reason I love it is it is small and lightweight. No heavy monster crockpots to handle, try to lift full of food and then try and wash!
I have the older model of this cooker that is 6 quarts. At the time I purchased it you had the choice of 4 or 6 qt size. After 20 years I need to replace it, although it still works perfectly, the teflon pot lining is scratched and the teflon coating on the base(griddle) is flaking. But after 20 years of using it 3-5 times a week, its certainly held up wonderfully. I am now purchasing two more, one for me and one as a wedding gift! My only regret is that they no longer make the 6 quart in this model, only the 5 qt. I would recommend it without question!! Enjoy!

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Enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals even with a busy schedule thanks to this easy-to-use oblong-shaped slow cooker. Simply add ingredients to the unit's nonstick cooking pot, set the pot into its heating base, and select a temperature. At the end of the work day or after a busy day of weekend errands, dinner will be ready and waiting. Perfect for soups, casseroles, pot roasts, curries, and more, its generous 5-quart capacity holds enough for dinner with the family or for one or two people with leftovers. The unit's adjustable temperature control slow cooks food at any temperature, and its keep-warm setting comes in handy for serving or holding food at a safe temperature. Providing exceptional versatility, the cooking pot can be used in the oven, on the range top, or in the freezer. Even more, the unit's heating base doubles as a nonstick mini griddle. The slow cooker comes with a glass lid for keeping an eye on the cooking process and integrated side handles for safe transport. Best of all, the cooking pot and glass lid clean up easily by hand with hot soapy water or safely in the dishwasher. The 210-watt slow cooker measures 7-1/4 by 12-3/4 by 8-3/4 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

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